7 Ways To Create Conscious Wealth: How To Be Successful, And Still Be True To Yourself

Ways To Create Conscious Wealth

Being successful, wealthy, and having all the trappings of a “successful” adult sounds like a great thing. But what if you don’t want to work 60+ hours a week for the rest of your life just to be able live that lifestyle? You might be thinking:

What does being conscious have to do with wealth? Isn’t it just about how much money you make or how much you have in the bank? Perhaps not… You see, being conscious about your choices and actions means being aware of why you’re doing something as well as its long-term implications.

It’s about ensuring that everything you do is for the right reasons. It isn’t easy to become conscious and make conscious choices in life. It takes hard work and dedication to unearth who you really are and what really matters to you. However, once you discover the real reasons why you do things the way you do, it will change your life forever..

1. Stop Doing Things Out of Fear

Fear can be a powerful motivator. The fear of missing out on a deal, the fear of not having enough money in your retirement fund, the fear of being judged by your peers – all these fears can drive people to do things they otherwise would not have done without a little nudge from the “what if” they’re so afraid of.

But at the end of the day, actions motivated by fear are not conscious actions. They are reactionary, they are not well-thought-out decisions that you are in complete control of. If you find yourself doing things out of fear, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself why you feel that way.

What is the root of the fear? Then, you have to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, and think about how this fear is going to affect you in the future.

2. Know What You’re Committing To

It’s one thing to make a decision and commit to it. It’s another thing entirely to be 100% aware of what you’re committing to, why you’re making this choice, and what the long-term consequences will be.

In relationships, in business partnerships, in long-term plans, sometimes people make rash decisions without really knowing what they’re getting themselves into. People make decisions based on their emotions at the time, or what they think they “should” do, or what their friends are doing, or what their family expects of them.

3. Don’t Let Others Dictate Your Decision

The easiest way to ensure that you are making conscious decisions is to ignore the opinions of everyone around you. It’s as simple as that. If you’re trying to decide if you should go back to school, whether or not you should invest in a certain piece of real estate, or if you should start your own business, don’t ask your friends or family what they think.

Most people don’t know what they’re talking about, and they don’t have any skin in the game. They have nothing to lose, so they’ll say whatever they feel like saying. And in the end, they’ll only be disappointed in you if you go against what they think. Real friends will be supportive of your choices, even if they don’t agree with them.

4. Understand Why You Want Wealth

It’s one thing to want to be rich, and it’s another thing entirely to actually know why you want to be rich. The difference between these two statements is the difference between being conscious and being unconscious in your decision-making.

When you understand why you want to be rich, you’ll be able to make more conscious decisions that move you slowly but surely towards your goal. For example, if you want to be rich so that you can retire at 50, that’s a pretty conscious goal. However, if you want to be rich so that you can buy a Maserati, that’s not a very conscious goal at all.

5. Be Willing To Change Your Mind

Change happens. Life is ever-changing, and so are the people around you. Your relationships will change, your finances will change, your desires will change. It’s inevitable, and it’s a good thing. You can’t commit to something, anything, for the rest of your life. At one point or another, you’re going to have to change your mind about something.

If you were to commit to a certain decision for the rest of your life, you’d be closing yourself off to many opportunities that you may not have even considered when you first made that decision. What’s right for you at one point in your life might not be right for you at many other points in your life.

6. Be True To Who You Are

We all want to be successful, we all want to be rich, and we all want to make a difference in the world. But how many of us actually do what we really want to do? How many of us actually live according to our values, our beliefs, and our true selves?

It’s not easy to turn away from a paycheck, to put your pride aside, or to admit that you might be wrong. It isn’t easy to be true to who you are, but it’s necessary. It’s necessary if you want to make conscious decisions in your life. It’s necessary if you want to be successful, and it’s necessary if you want to be wealthy.

7. Be Grateful For Everything You Have

As you aim to make more money, as you aim to be successful, and as you aim to become wealthy, it’s easy to forget about all the good things that you already have. It’s easy to forget that you have a roof over your head, and that friends and family who love and support you.

You have access to clean water, you have access to food, and you have access to health care. You have everything you need. You have so much more than you need to be happy. You have so much more than you need to be successful. You have so much more than you need to be wealthy. You have everything you need to be grateful. So why aren’t you?

Conclusion – Ways To Create Conscious Wealth

Finally, if you want to create a life of wealth and abundance, you have to change the way you think about money. Money is a resource, like water or electricity. It’s a resource that can help us live happier, healthier, and more abundant lives.

When you change your mindset about money, you’ll feel less stressed about your finances, less stressed about how to pay your bills, and less stressed about how you’re going to make ends meet. Additionally, when you change your mindset about money, you’ll feel more excited about your future and more excited about the possibilities that exist for you. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and make your dreams a reality.

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