Best Yoga Mat in India – Review and Comparison

The most substantial icon for modern yoga practice is a yoga mat. It is much more than a device used by the yogi. The yoga mat stands for the area in which our minds may experience some remedy for the stress-laden, disorderly, as well as unforeseeable nature of day-to-day life.

A Yoga Mat not only serves as protection and cushion but also prevents the possibility of slipping due to sweat. Moreover, the mat gives you a sense of space so that you can freely move during Yoga sessions.

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History of Yoga Mat

Angela Farmer is among one of the most popular and highly regarded yoga instructors in the world. She has actually been teaching for over 40 years now. When she was young, she had a surgical procedure that caused her being unable of sweating from her hands and also feet.

I’m not exactly sure if you have ever exercised yoga on wooden flooring in the winter months when every little thing is extremely dry. It verges on yogic tragical comedy as your hands as well as feet slip and slide everywhere. Downward dog posture as well as standing postures specifically are so unsafe.

Farmer’s clinical problem did not dissuade her from exercising with BKS Iyengar when he was training in London in the 1960s. He restricted her to make use sofa foam cushion or sprinkle water on her hands and also feet for grip. While training in Munich in 1968, she stumbled upon a very thin piece of padding from a carpeting factory. It was the ideal remedy for her trouble.

When she went back to London, her carpet-underlay yoga mat ended up being incredibly popular with her trainees. At some point Angela’s dad gotten in touch with the German carpeting factory and also came to be the very first merchant of yoga mats, developing the business out of his house in Vancouver Island.

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Advantages of Yoga Mat

A Yoga Mat will certainly assist you to maintain your body warm as well as produce even more energy than that you are producing with your body rather than it passing down the floor. The mat cushions your floor and keeps the energy concentrated where it is required.

Making use of a yoga mat can additionally be extremely beneficial if you are exercising yoga in a group. There is a significant possibility for germs and bacteria in a group setup. If you are not making use of a mat subjecting yourself to anything that others might have.

Best Yoga Mat for one who slips a lot

The Yoga Essential Exercise Yoga Mat Features Single-sided non-slip surfaces that help prevent injuries. offers great impact absorption. Thick enough to protect your back, arms, knees, and joints, while still allowing you to grip the floor for balance, its non-skid ridges will ensure that the mat never slips during use. Offers exceptional resilience helps you to keep your balance during any exercise. Moisture resistant technology allows the mat to be easily washed with soap and water. Easy strapping and light weight feature is added to this mat for easy transport and storage.


24″ wide and 72″ long, ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. With high-density foam material, the thick premium mat comfortably cushions your back, hips, knees, arms, elbows, and hands-on hard floors.


  • Excellent non-slip traction and cushion.
  • 1/2-inch extra thick.
  • 72-inch long.
  • Extremely Portable and Lightweight.
  • A free carrying strap is included.
  • 100% Complete Satisfaction.

Best Yoga Mat for Travel

The features of Manduka eKO SuperLite Yoga Mat are as follow:

  • It is used for traveling as it folds to fit in any travel bag or purse.
  • Surface texture offers superior grip, even with light perspiration.
  • Tightly woven scrim resists tearing or stretching
  • The closed-cell design will not absorb bacteria
  • Made from non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber No PVC, toxic plasticizers or harmful dyes 99% latex free, and safe to use for most people with latex sensitivities

Best Yoga Mat for Painful Joints

Take your workout to the next level with help from this AmazonBasics 1/2-inch extra-thick yoga and exercise mat. Perfect for home or studio use, the high-quality mat not only defines your personal workout space, but it also creates a beneficial layer of cushioning between you and the floor. Use the mat for anything from yoga or Pilates to stretching, meditation, and other strengthening or restorative floor exercises.

  • Exercise mat for yoga, pilates, and other workout routines.
  • Textured surface for enhanced traction
  • Measures approximately 74 x 24 x 0.5 inches (LxWxH).
  • 1/2-inch, extra-thick yoga mat for comfortable, cushioning support.
  • Made of lightweight, durable foam.
  • Carrying strap included.

Best Yoga Mat for Tall People

Looking for a broad mat so that your hands don’t fall on the ground? Legs reaching out of mat’s scope? OxOFit has launched broad yoga mat (2.65 Feet Wide). Length of the mat has been kept 6 feet considering the average height of humans.

Some other features which make this mat special.

  • OXOALIGN GUIDELINES FOR POSTURE ASSISTANCE – Laser printed horizontal Lines, circled points and center mandala design to help you assist and get the perfect posture. Smart design for smarter yogis.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR PERFECT BODY – No more hanging legs and hands. 2.65 Feet width and 6 Feet length of the mat makes it suitable for all body shapes and sizes.
  • DUAL COLOR TONE ANTI-SLIP TOP & BOTTOM TEXTURED DESIGN – Textured top ensures that your hands and legs do not slip during advances yoga postures and the anti-slip bottom texture ensures that the mat does not slip from the floor.
  • NON-TOXIC, ODOR FREE, WATERPROOF & SUSTAINABLE TPE MATERIAL – These mats have been created using feature-rich heavy duty TPE material. Along with being sustainable, it is also waterproof, non-toxic and odor-free. Can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth.
  • CORRUGATED BOX PACKING WITH BAG, STRAP & DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK- Carry this extra light mat wherever you go, using the included strap and large bag. Ebook can be easily downloaded from our website. Link included in the box.

Best yoga mat for outside workouts

BoldFit Pro-Grip Luxury TPE Yoga mat helps you to carry your exercise routines at the outdoors. The mat features 6mm thickness which provides you with the extra cushioning while you carry out your exercise routines. The anti-slip feature is something that helps perform all your yoga moves with complete confidence.


  • Sweat and Water Resistant -This yoga mat is resistant to sweat and water. It features moisture-resistant technology which allows you to wash it with soap and water without worrying about any kind of damages and breakages.
  • Optimum Thickness – This yoga mat is a perfect option for people of all shapes and sizes as it measures 6-feet long and 2-feet wide. This durable mat with 6mm thickness is designed to provide the optimal level of cushioning and protection to your joints and knees while still allowing you to grip the floor for proper balance.
  • Durable TPE Material – This yoga mat is made from TPE material, which is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. This adds on to the durability of the mat and makes it last longer even after regular use. It is free from latex, PVC and other toxic materials.
  • Anti-Skid Technology – This TPE yoga mat has been upgraded with a non-slip texture. The mat comes with a double layer structure that helps in providing optimum grip. The bottom side features a wavy structure that prevents the mat from sliding or slipping. The mat is textured beautifully on the top to provide proper support to your hands and feet.
  • Carry It as You Please – The yoga mat comes with a black carry bag. The easy strapping and lightweight feature, adds onto the easy portability of the mat. This bag lets you carry the mat and flaunt it with ease.
  • Dual Color Mat – The mat comes with a dual-color combination on both sides. It is designed to provide proper grip and support to your body. Now enjoy a stress-free yoga session with this all-purpose dual-colored yoga mat.

Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

JURU 7 Chakra Print Cork Yoga MatBeautiful 7 Chakra Prints to enhance your practice so you can focus on various chakras and colors for a holistic experience. Made of the best quality cork and Indian natural rubber. This mat won’t let you slip in your sweaty practice sessions. Also, the straight line of chakra print helps in alignment.


  • A Sustainable Yoga Mat Made of Cork and 100% Natural Rubber.
  • Offers The Best Grip During Sweaty Practice.
  • 6 Feet X 2 Feet , 3 mm Thickness and Weight 2.2 Kgs
  • Ideal for Seasoned Yoga Practitioners Looking for Grip Over Cushion.
  • JURU Products are Made in India and 100% Natural and Recyclable.

 Best Budget-Friendly Yoga Mat

AmazonBasics 1/4-inch Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap – Take your workout to the next level with help from this AmazonBasics 1/4-inch yoga and exercise mat. Perfect for home or studio use, the high-quality mat not only defines your personal workout space, but it also creates a beneficial layer of cushioning between you and the floor. Use the mat for anything from yoga or Pilates to stretching, meditation, and other strengthening or restorative floor exercises.


  • Exercise mat for yoga, Pilates and other workout routines
  • 1/4-inch thickness for comfortable, cushioning support
  • Made of lightweight and durable foam
  • Carrying strap included
  • Measures approximately 74 x 24 x 0.25 inches (LxWxH) – (187.96 x 60.96 x 0.61)cm

Best Overall Yoga Mat (Expensive though!)

Gaiam Sol’s Dry-Grip Yoga Mat (5 millimeters) ensures you stay secure and slip-free. Constructed from a PVC material, this mat seals out germs, odor, and bacteria, and is ideal for those with latex sensitivities.

Mat is created with a topcoat that promises to wick away moisture and provide a better grip as temperatures in the class rise. With 5mm of cushioning, it’s soft on your joints and it’s manufactured free of the top six most harmful phthalates; a healthy choice for both you and the planet.


  • Lightweight, durable and extra-thick for additional cushioning.
  • PVC material seals out germs, odor, and bacteria.
  • The topcoat of mat wicks away moisture and actually provides better grip the hotter you get.
  • Black is available in two lengths (68-Inch or 78-Inch).
  • CLOSED CELL CONSTRUCTION: Mat works to seal out germs, odor, and bacteria
  • GREAT FOR HOT YOGA: Stay-dry topcoat wicks away moisture for ultimate grip
  • GREAT FOR HOT YOGA: Thick yoga mat provides a better grip the hotter you get – mat develops a stickiness when damp
  • YOGA MAT: 68-Inch x 24-inch x 5mm Thick

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